UPDATE: Xero told the Herald shortly after 10:00 am: “We have identified the underlying issue that has disrupted customer access to Xero. This was related to a platform certificate issue at around 3:00 AM NZT which we have now resolved. We implemented a fix. and our service is restored. “

Xero is experiencing a major outage, which appears to affect many of its two million subscribers worldwide.

The Wellington-based cloud accounting firm has received complaints from New Zealand companies trying to process month-end invoicing, but its social media feeds also contain complaints from users in the UK, US and elsewhere.

The Xero status page first reported an issue at 3:24 AM NZT, stating that “Users are experiencing errors and slowness while using Xero. We are currently investigating this issue.”

Nine other updates apologized (“We recognize the disruption and inconvenience this issue is causing during a critical period of the month”) but no explanation of the cause of the issues, nor the estimated time for them to be resolved.

The last one, at 6:13 NZT, said, “Our product team is focused on solving this problem. This continues to be our top priority, and we apologize for the disruption.

“Come on @Xero. What were you doing all night, sleeping? When you have thousands of clients with their finances in your hands. Wake up @Xero and fix this ASAP !!!”, a said Natan Leon, entrepreneur from Tauranga.

A Xero social media manager responded, “We have a team of experts on this and we were there the minute it happened. I’m sorry it took a long time to fix and I can only help. thank you for your patience. “

And a small businessman based in Plymouth, England posted: “Sorry to anyone expecting to get paid this month they can’t access invoices because @Xero won’t let me! “

UK accountant and tax advisor Kris Milovsorov tweeted: “Last week @Xero dramatically increased their subscription costs.

“This week, a major blackout.

“Maybe take some of that money and invest it in backup systems? “

And London man Andrew Rippington posted: “What’s going on @xero. We’re looking into it’s not good enough.”

A spokesperson for Xero could only offer the master key: “Xero is currently experiencing a problem preventing users from being able to use and navigate on the platform. Our technical teams are urgently investigating the matter.

Slack gets drunk

Meanwhile, popular workplace collaboration software Slack – recently purchased by Salesforce for $ 27.7 billion – was not available to some users this morning.

In this case, Slack admitted that the cause was self-inflicted, because a change to its domain name servers (which manage access to its services on went haywire – and it is now waiting for that. internet service providers clean up after that.

The latest Slack update says the Level 4 Rescuer may be offline for a while, for some users.

“We are aware of the connectivity issues related to DNS [somian name server] that impact a small subset of users, ”Slack said in its latest status update.

“This issue was caused by our own change and is not related to any third-party DNS software and service. In order to resolve this issue faster, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will need to clear their DNS record for

“We expect all of our customers’ connectivity issues to be resolved within the next 24 hours. We know how important this is.”

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