The teenager must have slept in the living room as they were “unable to use the bedroom due to the leaks”. Photo / 123RF

A landlord has to pay a tenant nearly $ 10,000 because of a roof and humidity leak over five winters, a problem so serious that the teens have been forced to sleep in a living room.

Grovers Investments of Vinay Grover must pay the deleted tenant $ 9,904.54 in compensation for failure to repair and maintain a property in reasonable condition. The peaceful enjoyment of tenants’ right to property has also been violated and compensation is also awarded for this violation.

Some minor repairs were done, the tenant court said, but the main problem with roof leaks persisted for years. The tenant was paying $ 510 / week and had posted a deposit of $ 2,020 for the location.

Oaks Property Management was also ordered to pay $ 2,000.

The tenant’s main concern was general water seepage and general humidity creating danger for her and her two teenage sons, unable to use their bedrooms and forced to sleep in the living room, the court said.

Rooms, floors and ceilings were damp and there was significant black mold on and under rugs and underlayments as repairs and maintenance had not been properly performed.

“One of his sons attended the hearing as a witness and testified directly in accordance with the tenant’s description of the poor condition of the premises and the leaks. He also confirmed that he was not able to use the bedroom due to the leaks and had to move into the living room with his brother, ”the court said.

Records from the Companies Office show that the sole director of Grovers Investments is Ranui’s Vinay Satya Pal Grover. The company is owned by Vardaan whose directors are Bindu Vinay Grover and Vinay Satya Pal Grover.

The tenant had pleaded for the place to be repaired.

Owner Vinay Grover has the Mortgage Hero business.  Photo / The Mortgage Hero
Owner Vinay Grover has the Mortgage Hero business. Photo / The Mortgage Hero

“My son is now moving into the living room until this is resolved. I think I have been very patient, I am not a builder so I can only guess and pray that the next person who will come on. repairing will actually solve the problem.

“Five winters we’ve had a leak here, since we moved in, in 2015. It’s urgent now. I think I’m in a position where I can bring someone in to fix it and bill the owner? I am I don’t know, but the damage to the house now can be more severe than if it had been properly repaired years ago. The carpet is wet and does not smell good, “the tenant wrote.

The landlord contested the tenant’s claims.

“The owner said the property was in line with the age and character of the premises and the rent level of the property,” the court noted.

The owner also acknowledged that there had been issues with the property as with most properties. The landlord believed he had been reasonably responsive in resolving issues when they arose.

“The owner’s defense that the premises were only affected by leaks and damp when it rained is ingenuous in light of the tenant’s reported incidents of damp and moldy carpet,” the court said .

He stressed that leaks “should always be a high priority” and said there had been other cases of serious problems with the water.

The tenant asked for a rent discount of $ 49,000, but the court said that was unreasonable.

Grover owns the mortgage brokerage firm The Mortgage Hero and when the Herald approached him today for comment after the decision, he blamed the property management firm.

“I’m a good-hearted, God-fearing man,” said Grover, recounting that he originally bought the house for his pastor only as a favor.

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