The South African star of the opera Pretty Yende accused French customs officials on Tuesday June 22 of having called her “scandalous racial discrimination” at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, an assertion strongly contested by police and airport sources .

“Police brutality is real to someone who looks like me,” the soprano, who is black, wrote on her Instagram account a day after arriving for a series of performances in Paris.

Pretty Yende denounces “scandalous racial discrimination”

Yende, 36, said she was “traumatized” after being “stripped and searched like a delinquent” at the airport.

“I am one of the very, very lucky to be alive to see the light of day today, even with mistreatment, outrageous racial discrimination, psychological torture and very offensive racial comments in a country to which I have given so much of my heart and my virtue. to, ”she wrote.

Opera singer arrived from Milan without a visa

Yende did not say why she was dismissed for questioning, but a French police source said the singer arrived from Milan on a South African passport without a visa.

“At no time were there any incidents,” the source said, adding that Yende was not asked to undress.

Held for “verification purposes”

She was released an hour and a half later on a visa allowing her to enter French territory, an airport source said, adding that Yende was being held for “verification” purposes which had nothing to do with the police. color of his skin.

Yende, who was born in the small South African town of Piet Retief, has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past decade, performing in operas from Vienna and Berlin to Barcelona and Los Angeles.

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