Gift of the Gives has announced that it will dig a borehole to supply water to the Helen Joseph Hospital in Gauteng, which has suffered for weeks from an insufficient water supply.

Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman said the organization has received full cooperation and support from the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health, CEOs, management and infrastructure teams both at Rahima Moosa Hospital and Helen Joseph Hospital in its attempt to drill water boreholes at both facilities. He said drilling at Helen Joseph Hospital was scheduled to start Friday morning and his drilling operation at Rahima Moosa Hospital had already hit water.

“The situation requires an urgent response because it is an emergency that affects the normal functioning of hospitals now seriously challenged by the third wave of Covid-19,” said Sooliman.

“Water is essential for every type of procedure, for hygiene and infection control, and an uninterrupted supply is not negotiable.”

Sooliman said hospital drilling sites were just the first

eight possible sites that the organization’s geologist, Dr Gideon Groenewald, had mapped.

“The drilling rig is on site. The presence of this incredible machine created a new sense of hope, a boost in morale, a spark in the eyes of health workers and management of the two establishments because 23 days of insufficient supply are the last straw afterwards. two waves of Covid -19, a load shedding and an additional load of patients from the Charlotte Maxeke hospital, now closed, ”said Sooliman.

“The progress at Rahima Moosa Hospital has been incredible. Gift of the Gives teams will pump borehole water into ten JoJo tanks and from there via booster pumps into the hospital’s water supply infrastructure tomorrow. This will provide an uninterrupted supply of 130,000 liters, which represents the total hospital requirement per day. We can increase it further without compromising the integrity of the underground aquifer, ”he said.

Sooliman said Implats funded the entire cost of drilling Rahima Moosa, which currently stands at R700,000. “Donors have come forward to commit to funding the Helen Joseph drilling,” he said.

Sooliman said he was visiting Charlotte Maxeke Hospital today. “This is another emergency that needs serious thinking,” Sooliman said.

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