Just weeks before the arrest of businessman Iqbal Sharma over allegations of fraud and money laundering and his apparent ties to the Gupta family, his RHOJ his wife shared a special video of the two tangoing at her lavish birthday party.

As of Friday, the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) seized more than R47 million in assets related to Gupta. Investigator Thesele Rankuoatsana appears to have assisted the authorities in locating movable property worth at least R500,000. Some of the items included furniture, jewelry and Sharma and Patel’s R12 mansion in Sandton, reports The citizen.


Now the couple’s take on popular dance has made headlines.

In the past, Patel – who also appeared in Season 2 of The real housewives of Johannesburg – and her husband threw lavish parties at their house. The couple also showed off their home during an episode of Top of the poster – which has turned out to be a key element of the ongoing investigation. Patel took presenter Jonathan Lee Boyton to visit the house in which she identified some valuable personal and personal property.


The couple’s approach on the tango appears to be to celebrate Patel’s birthday. In a separate post, she captioned it: “Happy Birthday to ME… Thank you very much everyone for all the love. Mine is a life well spent.

Meet Tarina Patel

In the second season of the reality show, Patel said that while some people may think she is a bit of a snob, the majority of audiences love her. She also clarifies that what she says with her mouth is not said as a way to demean those who have less than her, but it is a testament to the way she lives her life.

“People tell me I’m the best thing there is, I’m the real shit and I’m the only one who deserves to be there (on the show). But on the other hand, it is the case of people appreciating my refinement and my elegance that I bring to the show. Everything I’m told is just an extension of who I really am. So what you see on the show is what you get in real life, I really am myself. “

RHOJ: Work nine to five

In the second season premiere, Patel made a statement that shocked and somewhat impressed viewers with what she said about a nine-to-five job.

“I don’t have a nine to five. I do not know what it is. I see it around me, I believe it exists, but I have no personal interactions or personal experiences of this nine to five.

In 2019, Showmax asked the Bollywood actress to elaborate on this statement and confirm if she really ever had a nine-to-five job.

“The reality is, I hated getting up in the morning to go to school. So I decided at a very young age that whatever I do in life I will not be alarmed because sleep is very important to me. I don’t wake up to a clock, and you won’t see me wake up to a clock. I wake up when my eyes open.

“I am functioning well and looking fabulous because I am getting a good amount of sleep. So whatever I was going to do in life was going to be on my own terms, and I lived that way. I live my life as I see it, according to my circumstances and my vision. I am very productive, I have a fantastic day and no one can accuse me of not being productive. And yes, some people might see it as a luxury, but it is.

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