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Social media giant Instagram has announced it will give users around the world the ability to control likes, after New Zealand played a key role in shaping the policy.

The move will allow users to hide as accounts on all posts in their thread and to hide as accounts on their own posts.

In a statement, Instagram said the move would allow users to focus more on their content and less on the number of likes it generates.

The new system will also allow users to disable likes on specific posts.

The move comes after New Zealand was one of the few countries, including Australia as well, to be used in a trial that disabled likes.

When the decision was made in 2019, it sent some influencers into a spiral, with complaints that it would affect their business and was done to support advertisers at large companies.

Likes only returned recently, before the new changes announced today.

Instagram says it conducted the trial to see if it would “depressurize” the platform.

“It’s a step forward in giving people more control over their experience on Instagram and Facebook. We’ve learned that hiding like that counts is beneficial for some, but others like to see how it counts to understand what matters. is popular or trending, ”said Mia Garlick, Policy Officer, Facebook Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s important that people feel good about the time they spend on our apps, and these new controls allow them to create a more personalized and positive experience.”

When the trial rolled out in 2019, some marketers took to Instagram, saying it was only done to facilitate competition between businesses and influencers.

Dave Levett, boss of Australian marketing agency Murmur, told the Daily Mail in 2019: “Stop the bulls *** this recent change is aimed at reducing the incidence of mental health among their users.”

“It’s about increasing the platform’s ad revenue and making Instagram more appealing to small businesses and brands to inject dollars into the growing social giant.

“Instagram wants businesses to spend money on its platform rather than influencers. It’s all a game of money.”

Instagram says the movement allows users flexibility.  Photo / Supplied
Instagram says the move allows users flexibility. Photo / Supplied

However, Instagram says the change is part of a series of changes aimed at providing a better experience for the platform’s diverse users.

He announced that he would work with creators such as Bunny Michael (@bunnymichael) and Schuyler Bailar (@pinkmantaray) on a new guide, which would offer tips on how to deal with pressure online.

He also announced additional funding for external research on user experiences with the app and how they can continue to improve.

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