The municipality of eThekwini has warned residents to pay their municipal bills following widespread social media messages calling on residents not to pay their bills.

The city further warned residents that if they did not pay their bills, it could lead to the disconnection of services and interest on their municipal accounts.

“The municipality is aware of a notice circulating on social networks and via WhatsApp calling on residents not to pay for municipal services,” the municipality of eThekwini said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Revenues from clients who pay for services are integral to the financial viability and sustainability of the Municipality of eThekwini. When customers don’t pay for these services, it limits the municipality’s ability to continue providing services, ”the city said.

“The municipality is aware that many residents are experiencing financial difficulties due to the national lockdown following Covid-19 and the recent civil unrest. “

The municipality of eThekwini said the city has taken steps to ease the burden on late paying customers through its debt relief program which was introduced in May of last year. The debt relief program will continue until December 2021.

“Delayed customers who want to enter into a payment agreement should go to their nearest bank or Sizakala center. Customers are urged to consider the requirements of all credit agreements, ”the city said.

“Failure to pay municipal bills can lead to disconnection and overdue accounts will be charged interest. “

The municipality said it was aware of the numerous repairs and breakdowns throughout the city that its technicians were unable to attend due to the unrest last week.

“This has resulted in a lot of backlogs. We call on residents to be patient as the affected service units are doing their best to remedy the backlog, ”the city added. protection status

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This notice was published: 2021-07-21 17:30:00


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