Elaine Lamont was one of more than 30 heroic ‘nannies’ who helped fight two masked bingo thieves at the Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club on July 23, 2021. Photo provided

A group of Gisborne’s “hero nannies” swung into action, brandishing chairs, purses and knocking over tables to fight off two budding thieves who attempted to steal $ 700 from them during their bingo night.

About 30 women – the oldest of whom was 87 – were playing Housie shortly after 8 p.m. Friday at Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club when two thieves in black-draped balaclavas burst into their match.

the Herald spoke to the 67-year-old ‘hero nanny’ who inspired the defense of her and her friend’s $ 700 purse, after knocking her table over in front of a fleeing thief.

“We were sitting there playing Housie – if you look at the Pirates club rooms they have a side door and they had to go past the table I’m sitting at to get to where the money is,” said the 67-year-old. .

“I play and I wonder who this idiot is walking past me and I was like ‘oh he got the money’.

“The lady running the Housie, she’s trying to fight him for the money and he turned to run for the door and I’m like ‘fuck this’.

“That’s when I pushed around the table I was sitting on right in front of him and he turned around.

“He fell to the ground. A few nannies on the other side were hitting him with their bags. It wasn’t until he ran away and the money purse was still there.”

The 67-year-old describes the two young thieves as “clowns” dressed in military hats, orange hoods, black sweatpants and brown hunting hoodies.

Elaine Lamont was handing out the Housie cards on Friday night and said the two young thieves were unarmed.

“They didn’t say anything, he came in and ran across the room to my table, tried to grab the containers we had our money in,” Lamont said.

“We had a fight with him trying to pull the containers back and forth with him, but I was determined he wasn’t going to take the money.”

Lamont said that after the running thief was stripped of the prize pouch, the other nannies started throwing plastic chairs at the second man in the doorway.

“So he got thrown in plastic chairs so no one would let him get away with taking our Housie money,” Lamont said.

“They ran away with nothing. The police were notified after they fled. Once they got out of the door, about three or four elderly ladies tried to chase him outside – it was raining heavily. don’t think they’ve been caught yet. “

Elaine Lamont was one of the "nannies" who helped fight Housie's Thieves at Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club.  Photo / Supplied
Elaine Lamont was one of the “nannies” who helped fight Housie’s thieves at Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club. Photo / Supplied

Unfortunately, a lady was punched in the face during the scuffle, causing her nose to bleed.

The two nannies Herald said the weekly Housie party at Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club had already been broken into – and the thieves were successful at that time.

The 67-year-old ‘heroic nanny’ said she thought ‘oh no, not yet’ when she realized what was going on.

She said she felt “pretty shaken up”,

spend yesterday with a friend also involved in the theft attempt.

The 67-year-old said Housie Night and the community it encourages is a big part of nanny week.

“This is our outing for some of the nannies, they take advantage of it. Oh you motherfuckers, why come and steal the nannies? You spoil the fun of the nannies,” she said.

“We don’t have a lot of people but that’s what we love to do, nannies, bingo. It’s something to do and then they come and steal it. God.”

Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club president Jenny Akurangi said in amazement that the nannies returned to their game once the police and their dogs went looking for the thieves.

Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club.  Photo provided
Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club. Photo provided

Akurangi said the nanny with the bleeding nose “was saying to the ambulance ‘it’s okay I’m still good at playing Housie'”.

“They were laughing about it, I think it could have been the highlight of their evening,” Akurangi said.

Police have confirmed they were told of a robbery at the rugby club on Friday at 8:15 p.m.

An investigation was underway on this matter.

When asked if she would come back to play Housie next week, the 67-year-old nanny replied, “Oh yeah, I love my Housie.”

She also said the rugby club will make sure some of the Gisborne Pirates players are there to provide security.

Lamont also sent a stern message to the aspiring thieves.

“We were all a little shaken up, but after a while we came back to Housie,” Lamont said.

“You’re pretty reckless if you have to steal a bunch of old ladies on their night out. We kept what we had and no one got hurt so don’t mess with us.”

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