Sometimes it’s really tempting to bring yourself these updates and use profanity for every other word. However, we’re going to resist that for now, and maybe Eskom could pull a leaf out of our book – because we’re going to be professional: the firm announced that the Stage 3 load shedding will be in place on Thursday. June 10.

Shedding program for Thursday, June 10

What is happening? Ah, it’s business as usual: some of our worst power plants are going out of order. All the usual suspects were named Wednesday evening, and in anticipation of a hectic day on Thursday, a 2 p.m. Stage 3 relief program will be in place from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

It comes the same day the country returned to Stage 4 power cuts, sparking a furious reaction from the citizens of gatvol. Over the past 10 days, the power grid has been down – and there is little sign of improvement to come. It was indeed a long SIX YEARS since Cyril Ramaphosa declared that the load shedding “would become a thing of the past”.

Stage 3 cuts confirmed – for 14 hours

Eskom had the brass neck to present yet another excuse on Wednesday. We will see how many decide to accept it …

“Although there was a slight improvement in production performance today, unfortunately we had other outages at the Kusile, Matla and Tutuka power plants. Unfortunately, that means Eskom will have to implement Stage 3 load shedding throughout Thursday. This is how we can continue to replenish our depleted emergency reserves. “

“These reserves are necessary to respond to emergencies that preserve the stability of the national network. It will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on June 10. From 10 p.m., the load shedding of stage 2 will resume. The outages total 13,995 MW of capacity. These constraints will continue for the foreseeable future. | Eskom Declaration

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