Do you remember when we could travel? When could we wrap the family up and drive toward the horizon without looking, or not worrying about leaving our masks and hand sanitizer behind? Do you remember when we were free anywhere?

It seems like ages ago, but there was a time when we could get all the friends and fans together, take a trip on the spur of the moment, and not think of a destination – only the trip.


Someday soon we will start dreaming again, of the long open road and companions, whether friends or family – and there will be a perfect vehicle for that – the Mercedes Benz V300d. This elegant vehicle destined to be an iconic minivan that will not only make its mark in this competitive class, but it will leave memories for families and travelers who have the pleasure of experiencing it.

Introducing the V-Class to my family was like bringing home a new family member. The kids couldn’t take their hands and eyes off and my daughter believed we could adopt her one way or another. Perhaps it is the space and freedom of movement inside the V-Class that makes it so appealing to the young and privileged of my family. You could almost live inside, and if the kids could move in, trust me, they would. And who could blame them?

The philosophy of the V-Class is to travel in luxury and style. It’s big enough to carry eight people, and the six seats in the back can be arranged in so many ways that it has allowed my son to socially distance himself from his sister, which is essential on a long trip. . These are the moments on which family life is built.

You could almost live inside the V 300d, and if the kids could move in, trust me, they would. And who could blame them?

Make no mistake, the V-Class is not a docile and castrated wagon that monopolizes the road as it rolls along the N1. No, this is a state-of-the-art machine, designed and built by the best of Mercedes Benz, and the V300d is fitted with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine and produces a sensational power of 176 kW and 500 Nm. Of torque.

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With that under the hood, the V-Class has taken the MPV to another dimension. The V300d is more efficient and cleaner than its peers and has proven to be quieter and more comfortable than anything that came before it. The V300d’s 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission makes the ride so much smoother in every way, like you’re floating above the road surface.


The V-Class is no stranger to our shores since it has already touched the ground in 2019, with the V200d, V220d and V250d, respectively at 100 kW / 330 Nm, 120 kW / 380 Nm and 140 kW / 440 Nm. Now the V300d represents the crème de la crème, the pinnacle of the V-Class that will deliver on its price tag of around R1.6 million.

For that, you can expect features like a panoramic sunroof, Active Distance-Assist Distronic, a 360-degree camera package, a refrigerator in the center console, 19-inch light alloys and a driver. and an electrically adjustable front (heated and cooled). passenger seats. The V300d is offered in three different variants: Avantgarde, Avantgarde with AMG Line and the flagship Exclusive.

The offspring couldn’t get enough of the 16-speaker Burmester audio system, and we couldn’t get enough of giving them instructions from the cockpit, which was a cinch thanks to the built-in voice amplification system. which allows the driver and front passenger to be heard by rear passengers despite the distance between them.

The Mercedes Benz V300d is a massive vehicle, but you still feel in control; it behaves like a dream at every turn and moves effortlessly between tight spaces.

Mercedes Benz has really struck a chord among families and car enthusiasts with the V300d.
The Mercedes Benz V 300d allows driver and passenger to speak effortlessly to rear passengers thanks to the integrated voice amplification system.

Mercedes Benz has really struck a chord among families and car enthusiasts with the V300d. It is a house on wheels, and not like a boring motorhome, but because it represents a unity, a shared experience of the open road and a place where friends and family bond. . This is something that we sincerely wish to return to in the very near future. protection status

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